Live offline

more often


Icebreakers for Introverts

For introverts and introverted moments.

A set of questions to be used offline in person with real people.

Icebreakers for Introverts is our first project.

This book was conceived of over dinner one night by Jackie Colburn, Matt Johnson and Eric Johnson. (Not brothers.) We were discussing the challenges of talking to people who you don’t know but want to know.

How do you get from awkward to engaged? How do you connect over a question that leaves the door open for revealing depth but doesn’t require it? What questions might we ask that aren’t high pressure or highbrow?

The answer began with a simple need that when solved well has a profound impact on our lives. We’ve been trying out the questions in a variety of settings and have been surprised at how much they have increased connection with others.

  • Cocktail party? Networking event? BBQ on a hot day when you aren’t feeling so hot?

  • Because talking to people is hard. But not talking to them is worse.

  • Take it out. Use it. Tell us what you think.



Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

Live offline more often.

Get offline and connect with people in real life. Be with people on purpose in person. When you are in person, be more present. Be in this life. Be with you. Be with others.

Whether you believe that we have one life or believe that we have many, this life is wild and precious. Spend your time well.